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What Happens At Our First Meeting

At the Law Offices of John H. Tannenberg, A.P.C., in San Diego, our attorney John H. Tannenberg and experienced staff are committed to helping you through every step of this process. The family law system in California is complicated. Let us guide you through your situation with care, knowledge and experience required to make sure everything is handled properly.

What To Expect From Us

The goal during our first meeting is to understand what challenges you face, your concerns and what legal action, if any, has been taken so far. We will also review any documentation you provide to help us evaluate your circumstances and to provide viable options in your case.

We often give you a form to fill out after our meeting to collect supporting documentation in your case. This may include a list of your assets and liabilities, names and ages of any children and any current child sharing agreements in place.

If applicable to your case, we may discuss the need to hire professionals, including forensic accountants, appraisers, custody evaluators, forensic psychologists and tax planners to help us prepare and present evidence in your case.

There is no pressure to hire us at our first meeting. We give you our retainer agreement at the end of the meeting and ask that you go home, review it and return it to us should you decide to hire our firm.

Contact Us To Schedule A Consultation

Mr. Tannenberg is an experienced family law lawyer with more than 35 years of experience navigating all issues related to family law cases. Whether you are considering divorce, have a complex property division issue or are involved in a heated custody dispute, we are here to start helping you through this maze.

Call 619-235-6169 or toll free 1-888-312-3408 or send us an email to schedule a consultation with us.

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