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Complex Division Of Assets

Effective Counsel for Complex Division of Assets

The division of assets is one of the most complicated matters of a divorce, especially if there is a family business, off-shore investment accounts or other complex assets. Having an experienced family law lawyer on your side is crucial to ensure you make informed legal decisions about your assets and protect your interests.

Attorney John H. Tannenberg is a certified family law specialist with more than 36 years of legal experience. Under his guidance, our San Diego firm helps clients discover income available for support from all sources. We will further use informal and formal discovery methods to determine the character, nature and extent of separate and community assets and liabilities to ensure a fair division of martial assets. We assist with all aspects of property division, including:

  • Proper business valuation
  • Full disclosure of assets
  • Characterizing assets as either community property or separate property
  • Tracing and identifying all available income, including military pensions and other retirement funds
  • Asserting clients' interests for certain assets
  • Helping make decisions regarding assets

To discuss your situation, please call us at 619-235-6169 or toll-free at 1-888-312-3408. We offer one half-hour telephone consultations.

Working With Experts to Strengthen Your Case

Our firm works closely with a number of financial experts throughout San Diego County to help your case. Their expertise is beneficial to assist the client and the law firm in the analysis of stock options, property appraisals, tax consequences, spousal support buyouts, and division of pension, profit sharing, and retirement plans. Using the skills and knowledge of these experts as well as our own experience, we accomplish our goal of achieving favorable outcomes for you.

Tax Consequences of Dividing Assets

The division of assets is more than deciding who gets what. It is also about understanding the consequences of the property division agreement. Although our firm does not provide tax advice, we will discuss generally recognized family law tax concepts and work with you, your CPA and/or financial adviser to address tax issues that may arise in the course of the division of marital assets. We are strong advocates for creating property division agreements that benefit our clients as much as possible.

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