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Divorce And Property Division

Effective Divorce Solutions for Our Clients in San Diego County

We provide our clients with knowledgeable, supportive representation in family law matters ranging from the straightforward to the complex. While no lawyer can guarantee results, our extensive experience enables us to analyze the issues and provide our clients with realistic expectations for settlement and the likely strengths and weaknesses in litigation strategy. We have been able to successfully utilize this experience in achieving favorable outcomes in property division, custody, visitation and support.

For over 36 years, attorney John H. Tannenberg has represented clients in both contested and uncontested divorces, including divorces where significant assets are at stake. In all cases, we help our clients understand the costs and benefits of their options, empowering them to make informed decisions throughout the divorce proceedings, whether the issue is property characterization and division, child custody and visitation, child and/or spousal support, retirement benefits, paternity, or the negotiating and drafting of Premarital and Postmarital agreements.

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Divorce and Legal Separation

For clients considering a legal separation, we will explain how this route differs from a marital dissolution, helping you to understand if this option makes sense for your situation.

Property Division in California

Our firm strives to ensure a full, fair division of real property and other assets in divorce and legal separation proceedings. We are experienced in representing clients in high-asset divorces, analyzing complex financial situations and working with a number of highly recognized experts in San Diego County where their expertise is helpful to the case (such as business valuations, tracing and identifying income available for support, real estate appraisals, characterization and allocation of stock options and tracing and apportionment of separate versus community interests in a specific asset and reimbursement issues).

Although California is a community-property State, at times property can have both a separate and community property component to it. Community property is defined as having been acquired during marriage other than by gift or inheritance. Separate property is defined as property acquired prior to marriage, after separation, or during marriage by gift or inheritance. Community property is divided equally; separate property is confirmed and then awarded to the party who owned it.

Child Custody, Child Support and Spousal Support

We understand that child custody and support often involve some of the most difficult and contentious aspects of any divorce. We help carefully assess the rights and responsibilities exercised by each parent during the marriage in formulating a strategy to shape a parenting or visitation plan after marital separation. We analyze both parties' marital and post-separation income sources so that we may develop a litigation strategy and assist our clients in understanding the factors that the Court considers in determining and awarding child support, spousal support (alimony) and attorneys fees and costs.

Learn more by visiting our child custody and child and spousal support pages.

Enforcement and Modification

If there have been significant and material changes in one or both parties' financial situations since the entry of the last support Order, or if a material change in circumstances now exists which would warrant a Court in taking another look at the existing child custody/child sharing plan, or if a party is not complying with the existing support Order, we will assist our clients in post-judgment modification or enforcement proceedings.

Divorce Mediation

We offer Alternative Dispute Resolution in the form of mediation services for parties interested in ending their marriage, or modifying an existing Order in a more civil, faster and less expensive way. Mediation-a process of facilitated negotiation-allows parties to arrive at an agreement on issues regarding their divorce, child custody, support, and property division by allowing them more control over the outcome of their case. Learn more by visiting our Alternate Dispute Resolution/Divorce Mediation page.

Military Divorces

We have extensive experience representing military personnel stationed at North Island Naval Air Station, Marie Corps Air Station Miramar, and at Camp Pendleton, as well as spouses of military members. We understand the often unique considerations and challenges raised by military divorce and their impact on determining critical issues like child custody, visitation, and division of the servicemembers military retirement benefits.

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