“Dear John and Diane,
I am writing you to extend sincere thanks for your hard work, expertise, dedication, understanding, and persistence. I realize I pay a lot of money for your legal services, but it was worth it! I hired you knowing you cost a lot, but it was based on an excellent referral from the USD Law School family law department. I am so glad I took their advice and hired you two. You demonstrate a genuine understanding of the law, but also human nature. You sensed my frustration with Julie but you didn’t judge me for it. You wisely urged me to contain my anger, but I only did it to a certain extent. Yet, you argued the case well anyways and made sure the judge focused on the pertinent issues- that I’m a great parent. I’m very impressed with how you two handled the rigorous paperwork and for John (the actual arguments in the court room). I’ll never forget the winks John would give me when we scored a victory with the judge. If you need a testimony for your website, I can provide a stellar, eloquent, defense of your services. Sincerely, Eric (and Luke) P.”

“Mr. Tannenberg is honest, kind and respectful, and his professionalism and expertise are unmatched. Your representation gave me dignity and closure. I see a light at the end of the tunnel in what has been a difficult point in my life. You may think it’s your job. But clients like me are grateful you do it so well. With respect and gratitude. Tracy C.”

“I have been a client of Mr. Tannenberg’s since November, 2011. From the initial consultation, through the months of litigation and proceedings, Mr. Tannenberg has displayed his keen knowledge of family law, professionalism, patience and genuine compassion. He provided me with a unique blend of strong and powerful representation with admirable ‘fairness’, honesty, respect and consideration of my family’s interests. The rare combination of tenacity and dedication he possesses are extraordinary and evident the first time you meet him and because of this, I didn’t hesitate to retain his services. I recommend his law office unhesitatingly. Joseph R”

“Mr. Tannenberg is a very good divorce lawyer. He helped me to understand every step of the process. I never once doubted him. He is a great listener and very understanding in my situation. he is also very kind and made me feel that he always had my back. I recommend him 100 percent.” Jennifer B.